L Change The World Official Movie Guide

Misleading πŸ˜› …no, I didn’t buy it but I saw it at Kinokuniya today when I went there to buy my Japanese revision book. Forgotten how much it is but don’t think it is cheap.

I also found an online review of this movie….err…not very favorable but I will still watch it if I have the chance.


8 thoughts on “L Change The World Official Movie Guide

  1. the Japanese always come out with special books/guides for the movies they produced. i remember seeing one on Nada Sou Sou at Kino. there are so many pictures of cute Tsumabuki in it but the price is … yes … not cheap! the only time i did not hesitate in parting with my money to buy these expensive photobooks or magazines is when they feature my favourite Japanese rock band, Luna Sea or Shinhwa!

  2. actually, I also saw the Jay Chou’s KungFu Dunk movie book on sale at Kino. No CJ7 book though.

    inoyume, last time there’s quite a number of Japanese photobooks of Shinhwa. Did you buy any of them? I think I saw a few J-magazines that feature Luna Sea (some interviews I guess).

  3. yup … i’ve already bought the one u saw in Kino from either HMV or CDJapan, can’t recall. long after that i found out that it’s available at Kino. as for Luna Sea, i’ve pre-ordered their new photobook which is in conjunction with their reunion concert last December and a mag featuring them on the cover. i love photobooks from Japan … the pictures are gorgeous and papers used are of high quality.

  4. The bad reviews I’ve read re L-CTW are mostly the fact that it’s not Death Note. Which is stupid, ofcourse it isn’t DN, it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be an insight into L and how he’s handling the last 23 days of his life, and dealing with situations he’s never had before – mostly caring for and being cared about. L has obviously never been close to anyone but Watari and not used to social interraction or dealing with action situations as opposed to brainy ones – and now he has to – and with limited amount of time. I thoughtit it was fabulous, Kenichi was beyond compare and I cried like a baby at the end – while also feeling so happy for what he was able to achieve. Great, great movie!!

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