Tokyo Tower won Best Film at Japan Academy Awards

Ah..quick update…Tokyo Tower won Best Film, Director, Screenplay, Actress and Supporting Actor in 31st Japan Academy Awards… :/ Joe didn’t win for Best Actor though.

I havent watch it yet 🙂 err…too busy with TVB dramas lately 😛 . And I need to remind mysef to buy Tekkon Kinkreet next time I went to the CD store.

News link:

4 thoughts on “Tokyo Tower won Best Film at Japan Academy Awards

  1. congrats to the winners especially Joji Matsuoka. the only other movie directed by him that i’ve seen is Sayonara Kuro, which i like very much. too bad Odagiri did not win. haven’t seen Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 yet … have u? out of all the movies in the Best Movie category (except Tokyo Tower), i really really want to see Bizan and Soredemo Boku wa Yattenai.

  2. inoyume, you know me la…I’m always behind on movies and dramas… :/ at this rate I’m going, don’t think I can even catch up to you – LOL, maybe a few years later

    nicole, I’m from Malaysia. **waves**

  3. tee hee … i am now doing some ‘catching up’ as far as Japanese movies (and Asian movies in general) are concerned by watching (and collecting) older movies, in addition to trying to get my hands on the latest. fortunately, early this month i managed to find some Kon Ichikawa’s movies (he recently passed away on the 13th Feb 08). i rarely watch tv … so listening to music and watching dvds are what i do on regular basis. i guess, that’s how i manage to ‘keep up’ … heh heh.

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