Gong Hyung Jin on JDG, JJM and HB

Muahaha…this is a funny revelation by GHJ regarding his close pals, i.e. Jang Dong Gun, Joo Jin Mo and Hyun Bin. 🙂 Sorry la…the title will be very long if I use their full names 😛

On Valentine’s Day (14th Feb), actor Gong Hyung Jin revealed some of the Korean actors’ drinking levels during the KBS 2TV “Happy Together” show. He revealed that Jang Dong Gun do not have low tolerance towards alchohol. Jang Dong Gun has a nickname -“10 minutes”. He explained that no matter where Jang Dong Gun is, after he has finished drinking (drunk), he would use his right hand as a chin rest and close his eyes for 10 minutes. The image when he wakes up is really “ugly” *2.

As for Joo Jin Mo and Hyun Bin,  they would usually just sleep on the floor after they are drunk. Due to their overwork (*3), they would fall asleep as soon as they drink too much.

Gong Hyung Jin also added that even though Jang Dong Gun don’t participate in variety shows, he really like to watch them. Every time he finished watching a variety show, he would phone him and can desribed what he just watch for more than half a day.


*1 – 右手托腮 –> sorry, I dont really know the meaning of “托腮” but I’m guessing he uses his right hand as a chin rest.

*2 –  不堪入目, 相當狼狽 –> I think it means that JDG looks really worse after he wakes up from his 10 minute sleep. Not the usual handsome JDG that we used to see.

*3 – 積勞過多 –> overwork, that’s the only English word I managed to remember that is close to what I understand from these 4 Chinese words.

Source: SINA
English summary by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com, full credits when posting elsewhere, without adding additional credits


4 thoughts on “Gong Hyung Jin on JDG, JJM and HB

  1. thank you fangorn…. i am a fan of the three actors described here, especially joo jin mo, haha! i found it cute though… uhm, i’ve always wondered how do these hunky hunks behave when they are drinking or when they are already drunk…

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