Shinhwa to hold concert to mark 10th anni

Well…the last concert before 3 of the members go to the army. I’vebeen hearing quite a number of news from these guys lately – Andy solo album, Min Woo album, etc. It’s like they are rushing to finish as many work as possible before the army date 😛

Oh…the extra info from the Japanese news source are

  • Concert dates will be on 29th and 30th March
  • Location is Seoul Olympic Park

News #1 Shinhwa Holds 10th Anniversary Concert

Korea’s longest running idol group Shinhwa will hold a concert to mark the 10th anniversary of its debut.

Shinhwa first burst into the music scene back in 1998 and the group will celebrate this momentous occasion with “Shinhwa 10th Anniversary Live in Seoul” concert on March 29th and 30th at the Gymnastic Stadium in the Seoul Olympic Park. Shinhwa is the first idol group in the Korean pop industry to stay together for a decade without disbanding or changing its members.

Shinhwa’s first Korean concert in two years, the 10th anniversary gala will be particularly meaningful for both the members and their fans, as it will be the last performance in Korea for Eric, Lee Min-woo, and Kim Dong-wan before they go off to serve the mandatory military duties. The tickets will go on sale on the internet starting on February 18th. Shinhwa is currently working on their 9th album due out in March, in addition to preparing for the concert.

Source: KBS World

News #2 SHINHWA、メンバー軍入隊前に10周年コンサート開催

5日、SHINHWAの10周年記念コンサートティーザーホームページが公開され、ファンの間で高い人気を集めている。SHINHWAの所属事務所 GOODEMG側は「来週中に2度目のスポット映像を追加で公開する予定だ」と明らかにした。SHINHWAの今度のコンサートは、3月29日と30日午後、ソウルオリンピック公園内の体操競技場で開かれる。[写真=GOODEMG]

Source: InnoLife TV


One thought on “Shinhwa to hold concert to mark 10th anni

  1. i hope the concert comes out in dvd later. they are my favourite boy band … not because they are the best of singers but because of their personalities and closeness to each other.

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