SG Wannabe to re-sing Arirang for Japanese movie?

OK, I think they will re-sing Arirang in Japanese for this Japanese movie, Hanakage (Flower Shadow), starring Kim Rae Won. I read both of the articles and they didn’t actually state whether the theme song will be in Japanese or Korean. Well, it should be in Japanese, right??? Do tell/confirm if you know more 🙂 .

Oh, I thought “I Love SG Wannabe” is a korean album. Do they have a Japanese version? I meant not the cover/lyrics…the songs as well (in Japanese) ?? o_O Eh ???

Also, I thought KRW is going to the army after his tv drama – No ??

News #1 SG Wannabe to Sing Japanese Film Title Song

The hit group SG Wannabe, which has also debuted in Japan, will sing the theme song for the Japanese film “Hanakage (Flower Shadow)” starring Korean actor Kim Rae-won in the lead role.

The film, to open next month, is directed by Gawai Hayato, known for “Bayside Shakedown.” Japanese actress Mirai Yamamoto will play opposite Kim.

SG Wannabe, active in both Korea and Japan, was asked to record the title song because the story of the romantic film takes place in both countries. The title song is SG Wannabe’s hit ‘Arirang.’

Ahead of releasing their original debut album ‘I love SG Wannabe’ on March 19, the group will hold special events for album buyers and begin earnest activities in Japan.

Source: KBS Global

News #2 Actor Kim Stars in Japanese Movie

By Kwon Mee-yoo
Staff Reporter

Another Korean heartthrob, actor Kim Rae-won, 26, is stepping up his activities in Japan.

Kim stars in a Japanese movie named “Hanakage” (Flower Shadow) directed by Hayato Kawai.

He plays an elementary school teacher who falls in love with a Korean-Japanese jewelry designer played by Mirai Yamamoto. Filmed in both Korea and Japan, this movie depicts international love.

Kim debuted in MBC’s teen drama “Me” (1996) and is known for his role in the TV romantic comedy “Rooftop Room Cat” (2003), in which late Jeong Da-bin starred as his counterpart. He also appeared in movies like “Mr. Socrates” (2005) and “Sunflower” (2006).

He currently shoots Korean TV soap opera “Sikgaek” (The Grand Chef) based on Huh Young-man’s popular cartoon. “Sikgaek” will be aired in April on SBS.

Meanwhile, SG Wanna Be, the Korean R&B trio, sings the main theme for the movie. Sport Hochi, a Japanese paper, reported that SG Wanna Be’s “Arirang” was chosen for the soundtrack, since the group performs actively both in Korea and Japan.

The group were greatly impressed with the move which they felt had something profound to say about the nature of love.

Yamamoto, the leading actress, was deeply moved by the music and said that the movie and SG Wanna Be’s music met through destiny led by love.

The trio debuted in 2004 through “Wanna Be+” and released albums “While You Live” (2005), “The 3rd Masterpiece” (2006) and “The Sentimental Chord” (2007). The group is known for having high album sales.

SG Wanna Be previously held four concerts in Japan, the most recent one this January.

The movie will be in theaters March 8 and SG Wanna Be will release their Japanese album “I Love SG Wanna Be” March 19.

Source: Korea Times


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