Kim Ok Bin + Song Kang Ho in Park Chan Wook’s vampire movie

I can’t picture the two of them together… really! It’s like… Beauty and the Beast. But they not going to be the leads in a fairytale movie…they are in the highly anticipated Park Chan Wook’s vampire movie. I heard there will be quite a number of nudity scenes in the movie, especially for the female lead o_O .

And I thought PCW film is going to be named “Thirst”.  I like “Thirst” the title better …”Evil Live”  title is so alike to “Evil Dead” !!

Park Chan-wook Chooses Heroine for Vampire Movie

Acclaimed director Park Chan-wook has chosen Kim Ok-bin as the star of his next film “Evil Live.”

The spotlight had been on just who the female star would be. The part involves many adult scenes alongside male heart throb Song Kang-ho, who claimed the main role in the international hit film “The Host.”

“Evil Live” or “Bakjwi” in Korean is a melo-horror film of a human-turned-vampire’s affair with a married woman.

Director Park, known for his award-winning film “Old Boy” and “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”, says he chose Kim for her unique talents that allow her to assume a vast range of characters.

Shooting will begin in March.

Credit: Arirang News   / Chosun Ilbo


One thought on “Kim Ok Bin + Song Kang Ho in Park Chan Wook’s vampire movie

  1. read about this a couple of days ago … i wish Dir. Park had chosen someone else instead of Kim Ok Bin. though she’s quite pretty but i’m not a fan of her acting … she seems to always wear the same facial expression all the time (kind of like that Sung Yu Ri of whom i’m no fan either).

    u know … i think Song Kang Ho, before he puts on all those weights, is quite a decent looking guy … (see him in Swiri or The Foul King or his debut film, The Day A Pig Fell Into the Well). heh heh …

    and yeah … the movie will contain nude scenes or more specifically, according to Dir. Park, explicit sex scenes (like those in Lust Caution??!!) cos the story is also about adultery. hmm … i think as far as sex scenes are concerned, those in Lust Caution are the most explicit i’ve ever seen. i hope Dir. Park’s new movie will not be like that la.

    i’ve also read that other than this movie, there’ll be a short film directed by him also. no title yet but the short stories collection is titled New York, I Love You. another favourite of mine who’ll be directing is Mainland actor and director, Wen Jiang. Dir. Park will also produce two movies, one starring Kong Hyo Jin and the other to be directed by Dir. Bong Joon Ho (The Host). both movies storyline are interesting too.

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