Bi to be lead actor in a Hollywood movie

Well, there are 2 shocking things here:

  • His latest image
  • Lead actor in a Hollywood movie

No need to explain #1 – you just have to look at the pictures. I have to look at the first picture a few times to confirm that he is Bi. Luckily, I found a second picture that was better. Even so… ehm…he should fire his hairstylist!

As for #2, wonder how he got the part. “Speed Racer” is not even released yet. I hope it is not a B-grade movie 😛 . But reading about the “plot”, looks like a typical actioner (possibly with no plot) that features an Asian who can do some wire-kungfu that the Western people like to watch. Typical action movie for Asian actor/actress.

Rain speaks at a press conference held to announce a strategic partnership between his agency J.Tune and the William Morris Agency of the U.S. at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Wednesday. /Yonhap

Hollywood Calls for Rain

Korean pop idol Rain has snagged his first leading role in a Hollywood film. The singer and actor told a press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Wednesday that he has been cast as the hero in the action movie “Ninja Assassin”.

The movie is to be produced by Joel Silver, the producer of “V for Vendetta,” and the Wachowski Brothers, the directors of “The Matrix.”

“It’s such a huge opportunity that I feel like I’m dreaming,” Rain said. “I’m not only working out to lose weight and training to build the perfect body, I’m also studying English hard.”

This won’t be Rain’s first Hollywood movie. He recently shot a supporting role in the Wachowski Brothers’ “Speed Racer”, which is scheduled to open in theaters in May.

“You’ll see Korean characters appear in some scenes in the movie,” Rain said with a grin. “That’s because I lobbied and sometimes pressured the producers to feature the Korean language.”

Source: Chosun Ilbo


11 thoughts on “Bi to be lead actor in a Hollywood movie

  1. Oh dear…I wish RAIN understood the Asian Misrepresentation that’s going on in North America, he’s now become part of it!! Ninja Assassin? Mann….I thought he would rep Asians in a better way, he is the most influential apparently due to Time magazine’s poll; he should use that influence better!

  2. Although Rain has lots of influence in Asia, he may encounters some difficulties in the States since he is so-so in English. Anyway, I find him really bright at first but I now also seems to have lost interest in him. I wonder if this is because of his late dissaperance in the movie scene or because his sudden image’s change. Overall, I just wish him luck.

  3. He will encounter difficulties in US unless his English really improve by leaps and bounds. You will really need to start conversing in English and I meant by not speaking from prepared scripts.

    I have watched the speed racer trailer from SINA and SINA “raves” about how cool & handsome he is in the trailer…. but I only like saw him for a second and if you blink, you will miss him – duh! o_O what’s so big deal about that, I wonder? *rolleyes*

  4. i guess he should know what he’s doing and he should know the consequences and all….when i first heard about it…i was gonna die….x.x….i never want any asians to debut in america..overall him…but a lot of them plan to already, don’t they? it’s too harsh….
    and why does he need to lose weight? isn’t he fine already? maybe english skills need to go up…but….er…too difficult…
    good luck to him…:D

  5. I looove Bi Rain! <33 I must say that those pics don’t make Rain very handsome, but who cares??! He’s got a lot more good-lookin’ pics than these stupid ones, so that doesn’t bother me that much ^^

    I can’t wait to watch Speed Racer and this new movie on the cinema. Unfortunatly, in Norway the movies is coming here very slow, I might have to wait longer than ’till May… T__T

    Remember: There’s a looot of fans who cares about you and we will never let you down if you don’t let us down ;D

    Fighting, Bi Rain!! =D

  6. ninja assassin was a good movie, i liked that his character became good, and learned about hearts ❤ that was a good point, that even the best warriors can have a sensitive and nice side. cant w8 4 speed racer to come out !!!

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