Matsuyama Kenichi interview at Yahoo JP and few pics

This is the best look I’ve seen him! He should stay with this look, IMO.

The interview was in Japanese therefore I also do not know what it’s about — errr…too long for me to try and decipher it. The only things I can re-post here is the pics 😛 . I’m posting the link so anyone who can read Japanese can read about it.

“L Change the World” movie will be opening in Japan  on 9th Feb.

Read about the interview at Yahoo Movies JP site

From the Movie


11 thoughts on “Matsuyama Kenichi interview at Yahoo JP and few pics

  1. Wow… with just some facial hair, he look five years older (maybe more). WOW!! I’m just astonished by the change. I want to watch the L movies, but I still haven’t even finished watching the anime. Oh well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really enjoyed him in all three of the Death Note movies. He is very talented and very handsome, I cannot wait to see what he does next! Unfortunately for me, I am from the States, and we tend to be a bit behind when it comes to international films. Death Note, the first film is not even available on dvd until sept 16 of this year, now isnt that sad?

  3. he has an interesting character which makes people adore him.
    Well I really wonder if he has similar traits as L,
    I may get wrong here,
    but Matsuyama managed to create a good acting skill.
    He should get more movies next.

  4. i find his L very funny. he loves being an oddball!

    he’s quite rare among J actors – indulging in goofy/odd disguise. hope he does more great things in future!

  5. In movie as well as now, he looks great for me….. But, I prefer L with bent back, eating sweet things, doing amazing things to outside L….Anyhow, both look great for me:)

  6. il est super genial l mais j le prefere nettement plus avc le look kil a dans les film death note!
    mais il a comme meme 24 ans est kelke nombre car il est né le 5 mars mais j c pu l anné !!
    dommage dans le film death note on dirait kil est plu jeune au debut j croyer ke kenichi matsuyama avai a peu pres 18 ou 19 ans! dommage il est bo mais j aimerai ossi kil fasse d otre film mais avc le look comme dan death note!!!

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