Tamaki Hiroshi latest info

Well, he has a drama, from what I heard, 鹿男あをによし (shika otoko aoniyoshi). I went to the official website of this dorama (clickie here) and I am sooo interested in this dorama coz LOL that deer really is ….. muahahahaha….Went to the wiki info on this dorama and read the plot and there is really a talking deer in it!!! O_O

Wiki info on The Fantastic Deer-Man

I just went to Yahoo Movies JP and I saw his latest movie 🙂 – KIDS. He’s the 2nd lead, from what I seen (in the trailer). The lead actor is 小池徹平 (Koike Teppei).

KIDS Official Website (Japanese)

You may watch the trailer directly in the website, just click on the “camera” symbol in the main site. Besides the trailer, there’s also interviews (in Japanese) and various trailers plus a tv spot. You may also download a screensaver by navigating to the “hamburger” symbol. I’m not quite sure what’s the film’s really about, but judging from the trailer, it may be about a bunch of kids who have been hurt (abuse?) before. Anyway, I think this movie is based on a book…

I also discovered his official website ….so for all of you Tamaki fans, clickie here. It’s in Japanese, though.

Stills from KIDS:

Source: Yahoo JP, KIDS website, Tamaki Hiroshi website, The Fantastic Deer-Man website, WIKI Addict // compiled by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


8 thoughts on “Tamaki Hiroshi latest info

  1. i saw the trailer on youtube some time ago… it looks like a good movie, can’t wait to see this one. teppei looks much better here than in gokusen 2 but tamaki looks skinny (but still better than in deer man where he looks even skinnier)

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