A little bit more info on that L movie promotion in Seoul

I have earlier posted some pics about L movie promotion in Seoul and the meeting between Matsuyama Kenichi and Lee Jun Ki. Well, today I found a short news info (from Taiwan) on the meeting 🙂 . Apparently, it is not a movie premiere but a movie promotion plus movie fans’ meeting !!

I also realised that the director is Nakata Hideo!! That’s the director of Ringu films…O_O I never realised it until now!

Translated News

Matsuyama Kenichi, who will be in Taiwan soon to promote his “L: Change the World” movie, went to S.Korea for promotion on 1st Feb. Lee Jun Ki also attended the event. When Matsuyama saw Jun Ki, his statement that Jun Ki is too beautiful and he’s felt uneasy standing besides him drew laughter from the fans.

Besides Matsuyama, there’s also the director, Nakata Hideo, and the lead actress, Fukuda Mayuko. There were over 300 fans that attended the event. The trio cut a cake and received various gifts from the fans. They were all smiles during the event. Lee Jun Ki said that he’s actually a dedicated fans of the Death Notes series and Matsuyama is one of the Japanese actor that he admired.

Matsuyama had worked together with 2 Korean actresses: Bae Doo Na and Go Ara. He was with Bae Doo Na in the film “Linda Linda Linda”. At that time, he was still a newbie in films and he said Bae Doo Na helped him a lot. He and Go Ara was in the film “Aoki Ookami” (English title is The Blue Wolf: To The Ends of the Earth and Sea) but they never had any onscreen time together. This made him wish he can work with her again. On the 3rd Feb, he is scheduled to arrive in Taiwan to continue his promotional activities for “L”.
Source: Yahoo Taiwan
English translation by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
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6 thoughts on “A little bit more info on that L movie promotion in Seoul

  1. It will be a very big event if he comes to KL, which I don’t think there’s a 0% likelihood. He stopped at S.Korea, then HK and TW :/

    I found a 4-min clip of the promotion…want to watch 🙂 ?

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