Kim Ki-duk’s Dream to go to European Film Market

Ah the one starring Odagiri Joe. It has finished shooting O_O …so fast ah???

FYI, I have yet to watch any of his films! But I heard a lot about him already. I’m not that “artsy” when preferring which film to watch… LOL, I think I’m more of the romantic type of person 😛

Kim Ki-duk’s Dream to go to European Film Market

Korea’s Showbox, a film investment, distribution and sales company has picked up international sales rights to Kim Ki-duk’s 15th feature film Dream. The company will take the film and a handful of other titles to the European Film Market which runs alongside the Berlinale February 7 – 17.

Kim’s Dream cranked out January 23 after a 3-week shoot in Seoul.  The film is generating much buzz due to its high-caliber casting of top Korean actress Lee Na-young and male sensation Joe Odagiri from Japan.  As with previous works, it will explore themes of dream, memory, love and the mystery of communication.  In a bold experiment the film will have the lead couple speaking in two different languages yet understanding each other words.

Showbox holds sales rights on Dream for all territories outside Korea and Japan, where local distributor-exhibitor Sponge Entertainment and Japanese investor Stylejam own rights respectively.  Sponge is set to release the film this Spring with a final cut ready in time for consideration at the 61st Cannes festival, this May.

Kim, whose Samaria won him a Berlin Silver Bear award in 2004, will not be absent from the program this year.  A film he wrote and executively produced has been selected to screen in the Panorama section of the Berlinale.  Beautiful, the feature debut of Kim’s assistant director, Juhn Jai-hong tells the story of a woman who is persecuted because of her beauty.  Both Dream and Beautiful were produced through KIM’s production company, Kim Ki-duk Film.

Source: Korean Film Council


7 thoughts on “Kim Ki-duk’s Dream to go to European Film Market

  1. from what i’ve read, Kim Ki Duk’s movies don’t do well in Korea itself but are much appreciated by international audience. i’m glad that despite of this, he continues making his movies. i guess, his movies are not everyone’s cup of tea. i admit that i am very much fascinated by his movies but some of them kinda left me feeling depressed after watching them … heh heh.

  2. oh … i didn’t know that it’s the same case with Wong Kar Wai’s movies in HK. i think their movies are the kind which leaves a lasting impression … one can’t easily forget them and sometimes, they sort of haunt one’s mind even long after watching them.

  3. yep, WKW name is more famous and his films more anticipated in foreign countries than in HK. As for lasting impression / haunting impression. Ehm…not sure about this thought, even though there are some movies (non WKW) that I remembered better than his ones. Anyway, I only watched some of his movies like Chungking Express, In the Mood For Love, Ashes of Time and Days of Being Wild. Out of all these, I like the music/mood and the interaction btw Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung. The weirdness of Chungking Express’ film characters. I don’t really remember Days of Being Wild except one scene where Leslie Cheung told Maggie Cheung about loving him this minute or something like that.

    I noticed one thing about WKW, he usually works with actors/actresses that he had worked before, especially Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Leslie Cheung. Most of these actors/actresses have the capabilities of expressing themselves without even given a script. U know la, the current batch of younger actors/actresses, IMO, have yet to have these “talents” 😛 .

  4. i notice the same trend with Kim Ki Duk too. he seems to like working with Jo Jae Hyeon in his earlier movies and i kinda expect that i would see more of Ha Jung Woo in his future movies.

  5. you mean the movie The Romance? yes, that’s him. some of KKD’s movies that he’s in that i remember are Crocodile, Wild Animals, Address Unknown, Bad Guy and The Isle. i like his acting a lot in Kim Ki Duk’s Bad Guy. he’s currently in the drama New Heart with Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung and Im Kwon Taek’s Beyond the Years is his latest movie, i think.

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