The Eye remake

errr…The Eye is not a originally a Japanese movie. It was a Chinese movie !!!  Not all horror movies come from Japan! O_O

I havent watched the trailer but I heard that the Hollywood people took all the scary scenes from the original and remade that. U know, like the lift scene (really scary), the “human” in the middle of the road scene (day scene), etc. I wonder if they also took the train scene…that’s scary too. The first time I watched it, I didn’t notice anything scary in it but the second time… O_O I was like gosh !!!

Link to the Jessica Alba’s interview


3 thoughts on “The Eye remake

  1. i din really like the eye (the chinese version) so i dont think i’ll be watching the us version

    they’re running out of stories to make, since they’re copying japanese, korean and chinese movies!! what next???

  2. I like The Eye le… but don’t know la if this remake will be good. Havent watch the latest Hollywood remakes of Asian films la (even the acclaimed The Departed)

  3. i love the original The Eye…..don’t waste ur money on the remake…..the changed some stuff like things about the dead girl’s mother and the ending. i hate when the US do remakes of asian movies they take something special away from the movie.

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