Gosh…what’s with all the “Honey and Clover” – fever?

I discovered this news today and my first reaction was – aren’t we going to have an overkill of H&C? An anime, movie, j-dorama (ongoing) and now the Taiwanese people are going to have their version of H&C. O_O so does that mean we just have to wait for the Korean, HK, China, etc versions as well?

Looking at the line-up, I really do not have any idea who are those young idols! Taiwanese remake of Japanese manga have a tendency to follow the manga like a book. That’s not actually a bad point but they are some hits and misses when they did that. Well, more misses than hits, IMHO. I have a bad feeling that the TW version will end up like Romantic Princess. I may like to watch the handsome Wu Zun but really, that’s so much I can take in TW idol drama :/ .

The news at Tokyograph site


5 thoughts on “Gosh…what’s with all the “Honey and Clover” – fever?

  1. mmm … a Taiwan version of Honey and Clover? i think i’ll pass that. i dunno … i prefer the Japanese way of adapting animes into live action dramas like Hana Yori Dango and Hana Kimi. i’ve seen the first episode of Honey and Clover and Ikuta Toma is so cute. i think, at times he looks like Tamaki Hiroshi.

  2. well, according to Garten’s Memento blog, the jdorama of HachiKuro deviates quite a lot from the anime. However, I will still watch it (when I get my hands on da DVD) because of Toma. Yes, you are correct. Toma is like a younger version of Hiroshi – maybe they can play brothers in their next drama 😛

  3. oooooh, tamaki and toma together in a drama… now that’s eye candy =)

    i think i might watch the japanese version (yup, coz of toma) plus a lot of fans wrote that the drama isn’t as bad as the movie, and i actually bought the movie months ago but havent seen it yet due to **ahem** busy schedule =p

    if the taiwanese make their own version as well i will vomit blood =_=’ ya, romantic princess was awful to watch, even with wu zun in it… please, no more wu liao dramas!!

  4. mmm … i like the movie. in fact i like Yusuke Iseya as Morita better than the actor in the drama. i also like Aoi Yu better as Hagumi.

  5. I havent watch either to comment O_O … I actually want to watch the anime first before watching the movie and the drama. I’m at Ep 2 of the anime 🙂 So far, the anime is good.

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