Of Shindo (Matsuyama Kenichi) and Odagiri Joe

Ah…yesterday (Sat), I went to buy some vids as a “gift” to myself after I just had my Japanese class exam 😛 . I bought 2 movie DVDs and they gave me free 1 movie DVD 🙂 plus one anime movie DVD. The DVDs are Virgin Snow (Lee Jun Ki and Miyazaki Aoi; finally !!), Tokyo Tower (Odagiri Joe), Shindo (Matsuyama Kenichi and Narumi Riko) and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (anime).


Out of the 4, I selected Shindo to watch first. I never heard of this movie before. The first thing that attracted me was the cover. It shown the piano with 2 pairs of hands. Immediately, I was drawn to it. Read the plot and “think” I would like it so I chose it. I recognised the lead girl (Narumi Riko) as I’ve seen her before in 1 Litre of Tears (drama) which she was quite good in it. She is currently in Honey & Clover drama (playing Hagumi) with Ikuta Toma.

What really surprised me was the lead actor. When he appeared for the first time in the movie, I was like “Eh?? this guy looks really really familiar”. After watching more scenes of him – then only I realised he is “L”. Most probably the reason why I didn’t recognise his face was he’s not in his Death Note movie character image – you know, the pale face, straight hair-cut, sweet-toothed strange genius guy….

Overall, the movie is quite enjoyable and if you like music, especially piano music, maybe this is your kind of movie. I think it is good but don’t think it is exceptionally good. I may watch it again though, because I like to watch movies which are related to music.

BTW, this is not a review of the movie – hahaha, I don’t have the talent to write a movie review. I just want to write out my feelings after watching this movie.

Oh yes, regarding this DVD. Initially I was reluctant to buy it because it has no English subs. I’m watching it with Chinese subs. I think this is the HK/China DVD version – I called it the cheaper version because there’s only the movie and 4 promotional trailers in it. 🙂 Well, the Japanese version had, I think, more additional features like interviews and stuff. I’m not really into those things and most likely those features are in Japanese language with no subs. O_O

On another note, I saw Odagiri Joe’s The Pavilion Salamandre on sale. This is the movie where Joe’s wife was also in it. 🙂 There’s quite a number of his movies on sale – I remembered Yureru, Hazard, The Pavilion Salamandre, Tokyo Tower and Mushishi. I think there’s also Sad Vacation but I’m not too sure.

Some links related to Shindo:

Plot about Shindo
– lol, this is actually a link to an online store. I couldn’t find any sites that has featured the movie’s plot synopsis and a short review. I also couldn’t access the official movie website :/

Movie trailer

The movie’s blog (in Japanese)


24 thoughts on “Of Shindo (Matsuyama Kenichi) and Odagiri Joe

  1. my dear, both rika and “L” were in 1litre of tears…remember the senpai (basketball player) that aya/erika had a crush on but he dumped her after he found out she was sick? that one la…

    odagiri joe’s wife is that actress in yukan club & my boss my hero rite? yuu something? she’s super young to be married O.o”

    the dramas im waiting for (to be out on dvds) are the fantastic deer man (tamaki hiroshi+ayase haruka) and hong gil dong (sung yu ri+cute guy fr hwang jinyi) ^__________^

  2. yeah, safura, I always forgot about him in 1 Litre of Tears…lol, maybe I was way too attracted to Ryo!

    Yes, Joe’s wife name is Kashii Yuu – she played the girl in Yukan Club that hate man. I think she’s only in her early 20s! I’m not sure if she was in My Boss My Hero.

    You can watch Hong Gil Dong in CB. Thanks for letting me know about Chiaki-senpai’s new movie. I’m actually waiting for the Nodame Cantabile: Paris Arc special to be released on DVD. I don’t really want to download from CB.

    I saw Galileo on sale…maybe I will go and buy it when I’m on holiday. I’m still undecided if I want to buy it or download it from CB.

  3. Wow, I want to watch shindo now. I like piano movies, and the cover just looks interesting. I do not think I can watch it in chinese subtitles. I would not understand even half of it T.T

  4. yeah!i’m waiting for the nodame special too!! =) chiaki-senpai~haha, i don’t blame u for being attracted to ryo, he’s way too cute

    might buy hong gil dong dvd if the story stays good till the end… but galileo has mixed reviews lah, some say it’s good, some say it’s a snore fest… dunno whether i should buy it or not

    kashii yuu, ok now i remember… yup she was the class teacher in my boss my hero

  5. wow … Virgin Snow is already sold on dvd here in KL? does it have good english sub? what about the subtitle of your copy of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time? i bought mine last year and the subtitle is crappy (even the name of the character is translated!!). i ended up watching the downloaded ones since the sub (by the fans) is a thousand times better! the same thing happened in the case of Mushishi.

    can u tell me where did u see Odagiri’s Pavilion Salamandre, Hazard and Sad Vacation being sold??

  6. inoyume, the dvds are available at Hiro Comics inside the S&M – errr..that building next to Kota Raya ??? AH….better check the subs coz I think they are all in Chinese/Japanese subs.

    GOSH! I just realised that Virgin Snow also only has Chinese and Japanese subs!!! As for The Girl Who Leapt Thru Time, I bought the HK DVD version…err…havent watch also O_O keeping fingers’ crossed that the subs will be good.

    safura, really ah ? Mixed reviews ah ?? O_O eh…like that, I better download from CB lar… BTW, that Deer drama (Hiroshi one) – I saw it on CB already but it has Chinese subs…

    kuaisky, tell me what you think about Shindo after you have watched it ^^

  7. I found Virgin Snow Subtitles.
    Virgin Snow – Kane@idols-unlimited

    I am also going to watch another movie with Miyazaki Aoi called SuKiDa.

    Also I recommend you watch “M” [Korean]. You won’t get the plot really until the end, so watch it as art.

  8. I watched Shindo after read your post. It’s intresting movie. Well i love piano thats how i attached to this movie till end. It’s quite “impressive” how i don’t like ‘L’ image in this movie. so awkward, but still love.

    wait Tamaki Hiroshi got new drama?? what title?? i’m so behind about J-dorama. i rely on this website to update myself on japan news. good job tomodachi .. ^^

    btw i watched already Nodame Special. as always with great music, great acting. it’s worth to watch it 4hrs straight. finally he make up his heart. kekeke. Lucky Nodame.

    anyway .. “Happy Early Chinese New Year ” wish to my friend Fangorn ^^


  9. Milia, thank you ^^ **hugs back ** . Happy CNY to you too! 🙂

    Truthfully, I was also not aware of Hiroshi new drama until Safura told me O_O Yeah, MatsuKen looks really like a “dork” in this movie but I loved his relationship with Riko. Riko looks way too mature for a 13 year old !!! I guess I may buy her “Ruri no Shima” next. IMO, she’s a talented actress.

    kuaisky, I have watched SukiDa but I found the pace too slow -___- … Have you watched Heavenly Forest (aka Tada, Kimi wo aishiteru) starring Miyazaki Aoi and Tamaki Hiroshi? I had a bittersweet feeling after watching it. Miyazaki was really cute (in the beginning) and beautiful (towards the end). Tamaki was as dorky as ever. ^^

  10. I’m sorry I’m a comment spammer – but all the spam (I mean comments) are credible ^^, besides I have to make up for all the time I did not comment!

    I was recommended to watch “Ima ai ni yukimasu” [Be With You]. Maybe you probably have already seen it.

  11. i’ve read somewhere that both Ima Ai ni Yukimasu and Heavenly Forest are based on novels written by the same author. there’s a new movie which is also based on this author’s novel too titled Sono Toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku and starring Masami Nagasawa (Nada Sou Sou), Takashi Tsukamoto (A Song to the Sun) and Takayuki Yamada (Byakuyakou).

    really … i’m sick of hollywood remaking all these great asian movies!!

  12. I Loved Shindo. More than my words can express. The storyline flowed melodiously transforming my reality into theirs. All I can think about is the sound of a piano; that is all I want to hear and nothing else. It is as if I had been missing something and I am trying to find it again. And where is this melody? It is off somewhere, unreachable, far beyond into the physical and metnal abilities of myself. I must be perfect, I accept nothing else. But perfection has its costs…that is so unfair.

  13. kuaisky, yes I have seen Be With You. I like the movie even though it’s a bit on the sci-fi / fantasy side. I loved how although she knew what would happen to her, she still went ahead to meet her destiny.

    inoyume, I don’t really like their remake of Il Mare. Maybe because I like Jeon Ji Hyun + Lee Jung Jae more than Keanu Reeves + Sandra Bullock. And let’s not talk about their remakes of Ring, Ju On, Pulse, etc. :/ BTW, check out the post on The Eye remake. Oh, did you know that they have remake Thailand’s The Shutter movie?

  14. i’m no fan of horror movies … watched only a few of them like Tales of Two Sisters, Dark Water, Wishing Stairs and a little bit of The Shutter (couldn’t bring myself to finish it for fear of getting a heart attack!). the remake for Dark Water is so bleh i wished they didn’t do it. as for those other remakes that u mentioned, i’ve read some reviews from those who had watched them and the ori and most of them hated the remakes. as for Il Mare … i think there’s one scene where a friend of Sandra’s character asked if she’s in love or sth. i dun remember any kind of scenes in Il Mare where the characters had ever ‘declared’ of their love to one another … i mean … we just know that they have fallen in love from their gestures and expressions. there’s no subtlety whatsoever in the american version.

  15. uh … i got my copy of May 18 dvd and Tearliner first album today. i’m soooo into Korean indie music these days … thanks to Coffee Prince!! if u want the album, i can rip it and upload it for u.

  16. inoyume, IMO, most American films – the ones that targeted at mainstream audience – don’t have subtlety. They need to be explained “buta-buta” one. It also depends on the screenwriters/directors. The good ones dont really make it so obvious.

    How’s your copy of May 18? Did you buy it online?

  17. yup … i bought May 18 from Yesasia. it’s a three discs special edition. here’s the description from Yesasia on the dvd:

    This edition comes with a 32-page photobook and the following special features:

    Disc 1

    Feature Presentation: May 18
    Audio Commentary by Director Kim Ji Hoon and Main Cast

    Disc 2
    Making Of
    Interviews with Main Cast
    Production Design (Arts, Setting)
    Visual Effects
    Deleted Scenes
    Poster Shooting
    Production Announcement
    Music Video
    Theatrical Trailer

    Disc 3
    Remembering the Gwangju Uprising
    Special Documentary: 17 Witnesses and Actual Photos of Gwangju Uprising

    i just love the packaging (like most of the Korean movies that i bought) … really beautiful and there are also some picture postcards of the movie. i haven’t watched the extra discs yet, so i dunno if they sub or not. usually the extras are not subtitled … which is a bit frustrating cos i’d really like be able to understand the historical background of the movie, just like in the case of the movie Silmido.

  18. O_O the packaging sounds real good ne… let me know how’s the film 🙂

    I seldom go and buy the special movie packaging lol, I spent most of my $$$ on CDs O_O

  19. if you have come across any other piano or classical music movies/drama/anime pleaseee tell me! I enjoy them =)

    so far I’ve watch:

    La corda d’oro, Nodame cantabile, Piano no mori, Piano:melody of a young girl’s heart (this one not too interesting though)

    Nodame cantabile, Shindo (jap)

    for horowitz (korean)

    corner with love (taiwanese, only during one arc there’s a jap actor as a pianist but overall I liked the story)

    • You’ve watched most of the ones that I’ve watched :O .

      Others not listed:
      o Jay Chou’s Secret (Chinese)
      o The Pianist – english movie but I didnt watch it yet although quite a number of people recommended…
      o Shine – I watched this and like it. English movie though.
      o Orange Days (Japanese drama) – Shibasaki Kou plays a gifted violinist / pianist
      o Innocent Love (J-drama) – the lead actor is a musician / pianist though it doesn’t really revolves around classical music. I quite like the drama (though it is bit dark and sad)
      o TW drama – Green Forest My Home – didnt actually watch it…

      ….lol dont remember anymore…

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