Won Bin new picture/CF

It’s been a really long time after he came back from the army. Latest news I remembered was that UNICEF rep thing he did and also a movie premiere that he attended.

He’s back, in a way. 🙂 This is the latest pic of him, promoting some brand of menswear. Hopefully, we will hear more news of him… u know like any upcoming drama/movie ?? oooh why not guest starring in some MVs? 🙂

As for the picture, he does look a bit ..ehm..different ? Is it the haircut? or the way he posed?

Ever since he has finished his army service, Won Bin had been taking his time to heal his injury and had stopped all his entertainment-related assignments. After 1 year and 6 months, he has initiated his comeback by being the representative of a certain brand of menswear.

He had signed the contract with the menswear company not long ago and had just completed a CF for them sometime this month.

Before Won Bin enlisted for the army, from 2001 to 2005, he had always been a spokesperson for that brand of menswear. After he had finished his army term, the same company had offered him back his old job. Regarding his other activities, his agency said that he’s looking at a lot of scripts every day and believed he would be back in the not-so-distance future.

Source: SINA / mydaily
English translation by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credits when posting elsewhere, without adding additional credits


4 thoughts on “Won Bin new picture/CF

  1. He’s still very handsome, but now he has that sad distant look in his eyes 😦
    It’s mesmerizing, but I miss the old charming and lively Won Bin.

  2. Maybe he just looks different only on this pic, because of way he make poses or the role he portrays on this theme.

    We’ll, He still is handsome to me. jeje. 🙂

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