ERU’s 1st Concert

Information on his 1st Concert. It will be held on after Valentine’s Day ~~~oooohh~~~ romantic 🙂

Date : Feb. 16 – 17

Place : Grand Hall, Yonsei U., Seoul

Romantic guy Eru is holding his first-ever solo concert to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Now completely out of the shadow of his famous father Tae Jin-ah, the trot king, Eru has become the most successful balladeer of late with a series of hits like “Black Glasses,” “White Snow,” and “The Two of Us.” Now he’s out to prove that he is unrivaled in live performance as well. The repertoire for his first concert speaks of a wide range of feelings associated with love – the quiet excitement of first meeting, falling in love, breakup and the ensuing pain and regret. But he is also preparing to showcase his dancing skills and explosive stage performance as a rocker. Eru has also invited his father to join him in a surprise performance. The concert will be preceded by a host of special events and prizes, so be sure to arrive at the show 30 minutes early.

Source: KBS World


3 thoughts on “ERU’s 1st Concert

  1. i love eru jjang. I’m gonna miss him a lot in the latter part of 2008… i wish i lived in Korea so that I can go to his concert. Seriously, they should come to the US more often!!!

  2. I wish i could go to his concert! I love Eru so much! He’s my favorite ballad singer!
    Thanks so much for translating articles of him!

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