Chae Dong Ha is leaving SG?

O_O, no he can’t !!  SG without CDH is like 😦 …GOSH! This is really depressing 😦 😦

On a more brighter note (if you can count that bright 😦 ), their Vol 5 is scheduled to be released around March. This Vol 5 may truly be the last album of SG original members. **sob**sob**

After being the top selling artist in S.Korea for the past 3 years, SG Wannabe may be on the verge of breaking up. When the contract with the artist management agency expires at the end of May this year, SG Wannabe’s leader Chae Dong Ha may leave the group.  MNET (the agency) stated via the media on 22nd this month that they will not extend their contract with Chae Dong Ha.

Regarding the reasons why they do not want to extend the contract, MNET explained that they have differing views on the development process. They said that besides music, Chae Dong Ha would like to try his hands on performing. But MNET hope their artists to focus solely on music. Even though they have tried to discuss with him to settle it, in the end they still do not have a resolution.

Chae Dong Ha said that (by leaving) is the best solution for SG Wannabe, the company and himself. He really hope that SG Wannabe, without him, will still continue as a group and that the other 2 members of SG have become like his real brothers. He also hope that the group will achieve greater success in music.

SG Wannabe will release their 5th album near the end of March. And this album will be the last participation from Chae Dong Ha.

Source: SINA / mydaily
English translation by fangorn @
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3 thoughts on “Chae Dong Ha is leaving SG?

  1. top selling artist in korea for 2 years straight!!! it gets no better than this! mnet should wake up and do everything in their power to keep him! if he wants a lil break FINE GIVE IT TO HIM DANGIT!!

  2. I still can’t get over this and its 2010. SG is my favorite group and I’m heartbroken to this day. Its not the same without him.

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