Distressing news

O_O Even though this is actually supposed to be a good news as SG once again was the top selling artist in 2007 but… look at those figures ?!  Not even reaching 500,000!!!

Gosh, people who likes K-music, please please support them by buying the albums.

Korea’s album industry is in a dire strait as shown in its dismal album sales. The number of albums sold has been in decline for the past few years, distressing musicians and album producers.

According to the Recording Industry Association of Korea, the best-selling album for the year 2007 was SG Wannabe’s fourth album “Arirang” released in April. It sold nearly 200 thousand copies, followed by Super Junior’s second album “Don’t, Don’t” with nearly 165 thousand copies, Epik High’s fourth album “Fan” with over 123 thousand copies. Last year’s biggest hit “Tell Me” of Wonder Girls rested at 15th place with only about 48 thousand albums.

The plunging album sales can be blamed on the expansion of digital music sources, such as mobile and MP3 music sites. Nonetheless, it was shocking to see that no album sold more than 200 thousand copies and only three albums went past the 100-thousand mark. Back in 2000 four albums, including Jo Sung-mo’s “Do You Know,” topped 1 million copies in sales. Industry experts say that the music industry needs to quickly come up with systematic countermeasures for the fast-growing digital music market.

Source: KBS World


One thought on “Distressing news

  1. poor korea… i think the record sale drop should be tapering off about now.. I mean pretty much everyone has access to these downloads by now.

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