Bi to sing Olympic 2008 theme song

Err…I like Bi – I think he’s good in acting and singing but I have to disagree with the choice of him singing the theme song – it’s totally “un-patriotic” IMO. I have no idea what’s the Chinese organisers are thinking! There are lots of very good Chinese singers (either from mainland China or HK) that can sing the theme song – why choose a Korean ??!!! I know he’s ultra-popular, not just in Chinese region but also all over Asia (and potentially in Western countries, depending on his upcoming movies or English album) but IMO, this is the time where you let foreigners know that you have pride in your own country’s singers !!!

Rain to Sing Theme for Beijing Olympics

Korean pop idol Rain has been tapped to sing the theme song of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Rain, who is a star across much of Asia, will be the first Korean to sing an Olympic theme song since quartet Koreana sang “Hand in Hand” for the Seoul Olympics in 1988. He was apparently asked to sing the song last year and gladly accepted.

Working under a tight schedule as he promotes his new movie “Speed Racer,” he is now discussing details of the song with the Chinese Olympic organization

The selection of a Korean star over Chinese singers is surprising, but Rain has an exceptional relationship with China. Since making his international debut there in 2004 he has worked as a spokesperson for companies like Pepsi, Pantec and Puma, enjoying popularity as great as that of any Chinese star.

Performing at the Olympics is expected to further boost Rain’s international stature, as should his Hollywood debut in “Speed Racer,” which is directed by the Wachowski brothers.

Rain also has plans to appear in another Hollywood movie this year. In sports he has been appointed as a PR ambassador for the 2011 Daegu World Athletics Championships.

Source: Chosun Ilbo


5 thoughts on “Bi to sing Olympic 2008 theme song

  1. Go Rain! thats a good opportunity to bring back 100 percent the glitters of ur name…around the world
    Missed to wait for ur upcoming movie to watch it..
    wish all the best…

  2. this note is false. Korean pop singer and actor Rain has not been chosen to perform the 2008 Beijing Olympics theme song, according to his management agency J Tunes.

    J Tunes issued the clarification, after reports surfaced that Rain would be performing the theme song for the Olympics this summer. “An agency in China asked Rain to record a ‘candidate’ song for the Olympics, but we have not yet recorded any song,” J Tunes said.

    J Tunes said Rain would be honored if he were chosen to perform the official song for the Olympics.

    Beijing Olympic organizers will announce the official song and singer, 100 days before the start of the Olympics. The Beijing Olympics will run from Aug. 8 to 24.

    Rain is one of the most popular Korean singers and actors in China. He has appeared in numerous advertisements for Pepsi, DHC cosmetics and other products in China. Rain is also appearing in the highly anticipated Hollywood film “Speed Racer” this year.

    Last year, Chinese superstar Jackie Chan recorded, “We are Ready,” an official song that marked the countdown to the Beijing Olympics.

    Source; Korea Times

  3. Thank you Lili for that clarification! OMG…I was thinking WTF…Why did they choose Rain to sing the theme song???!!!

    I like Rain and all, but the Beijing Olympic Committee should definitely choose a Chinese singer because it’s the Beijing Olympics…the best time to showcase Chinese singers and to show their patriotism.

  4. Was that him on it today/yesterday?! I swear that was him. It was his voice and his face, he wasn’t singing a solo or anthing, but yea.. That was him, right?

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