My name is “李准基” (Lee Jun Ki)

Err…this is about Lee Jun Ki trying to change the Chinese writing of his name. His Korean name in English spelling remained the same. I have also included news about that Chinese film production that he mentioned.

On the 14th Jan, Lee Jun Ki went to Beijing, China for a promotional event. He said he has hope of joining in a Chinese production this year.

During the press conference, he decided to change his Chinese writing of his name from  “李俊基” to “李准基”. His name in Korean (English spelling) is written as “Lee Jun Ki”. The “Jun” can be represented in Chinese as “俊” or “准”.  However, Koreans usually have their own Chinese name and it is usually written in Traditional Chinese. His name in the Korean writing is “李凖基”. Hence, changing it to Simplified strokes become “李准基”.

He used this press conference opportunity to announce the name change.

Source: SINA
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Chinese screenwriter, Hai Yan (left), with Lee Jun Ki

Korean Actor Tipped for Chinese Classic Remake

Chinese celebrity television screenwriter Hai Yan has invited South Korean actor Lee Jun-ki to lead a remake of one of his best-known works.

“Yi Chang Feng Hua Xue Yue De Shi” (“A Story of Romance”), swept China in 1997 and brought the now-seasoned actress and director Xu Jinglei to the limelight.

The upcoming remake will be the first project in a joint cultural exchange program between China’s Ailang Cultural Industry Group and the South Korean company COMA, to which Lee belongs. The two companies officially signed a cooperation deal on Saturday in Beijing.

Along with Lee, cast members from the Chinese side will include Taiwan actor Teddy Wang Jianlong, and mainland actress Lu Enhua.

Lee Jun-ki is widely known in China for his role as a feminine clown in the 2005 Korean hit film “The King and the Clown.” He further cemented his Chinese fan base with last year’s TV drama, “The Time between Dog and Wolf.”

In September, Lee’s high-profile joining up with the Hong Kong-based Emperor Entertainment Group, revealed his ambition to expand his career in China.
Hai Yan said on Saturday that he appreciates Lee’s acting in “The King and the Clown.” From this experience Hai Yan decided that the actor was suitable for his play.

The celebrated screenwriter’s latest work, “Five-Star Hotel,” also features a South Korean — actress Jeong Yu-mi — who managed to secure popularity among Chinese audiences through the show.

Source: CRIEnglish


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