Kobukuro – bit news

I like the song that they did for Dream Again drama, Aoku Yasashiku. I have the HQ mv so if I have time, I’ll post the MV up. Congratulations to them for winning last year’s best album 🙂

Folk duo Kobukuro are really riding on a wave of popularity these days. They recently took the award for last year’s best album at the Japan Record Awards with “Tsubomi”. And their 2006 album “All Singles Best” continues to see brisk sales. Having topped the 2.7 million sales mark, it’s overtaken Chage & Aska’s 1992 release “Super Best 2” as the best-selling album ever by a Japanese duo.

Source: Japan-Zone.com


3 thoughts on “Kobukuro – bit news

  1. yes … they are really good! unfortunately, it’s not easy to find their stuffs on the net. got some of their albums including my most favourite Roadmade. Congratulations to them for winning the award!

  2. i like this duo too. i love the song let c if i can this one correct. koko something sakanai hana. keep playing the mp3 until my roomate can’t take it anymore. i need to check out their latest work.

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