Lee Jun Ki’s old SINA interview

I once translated an interview that Jun Ki did for SINA back in April 2007. I accidentally discovered this old interview that he did for SINA back in February 2007.  :O how many interviews did he do anyway for SINA? Anyway, I’m not going to translate that long article as it’s already a year’s back so I don’t see a point in translating them but I have posted the original article link so if you know Chinese, you may go there and read it yourself 🙂 . I’m only re-posting the lovely pictures of him here. I like that shade of hair he had back then…didn’t even know he had his hair colored (?!)

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures, click for larger version

^ I have no idea what SINA gave him O_O





Picture source: SINA / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com

 Jump to the SINA interview article link…


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