The Host 2 …

I have no idea why they still call it a sequel when the 2nd movie’s timeline is a few years before the 1st movie. Anyway, the concept is like Alien and Aliens…when Alien has 1 creature and Aliens have multiple 😛

I am still crossing my fingers that the 2nd movie will be as good (or better?) than the first.

Cheonggye Stream to be Backdrop for ‘The Host 2’

The sequel to the number one summer blockbuster film of 2006 ‘The Host’ will be made. The story of ‘The Host 2’ will take place in the Cheonggyecheon area in Seoul, which was restored by the newly elected president Lee Myung-bak.

The president-elect’s actual name is expected to be mentioned in the film. A group of “monsters” is expected to appear in the new film, raising excited expectations. The production company recently announced the the draft manuscript for ‘The Host 2’ has been completed and that renowned Internet cartoonist Kang Pool will be in charge of the overall script.

Casting for ‘The Host 2’ will be completed in the first half of the year, and the film will go straight into shooting. The film is slated for release in 2009.

Source: KBS Global


3 thoughts on “The Host 2 …

  1. Nope, inoyume, Mr. Bong will not be directing this one – that fact, ehm, made me worried a bit O_O … u know, sequels are “touchy” coz it will always have that “higher expectation” from those people who loves the first one – like 😛 me…

  2. yeah … i agree with you on fans of The Host having ‘high expectation’ in the sequel. i remember how frustrated i was when i watched My Wife is A Gangster 2 and Public Enemy 2!!

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