Gary Chaw Vol 3, Super Sunshine, cover and tracklist

I’m so outdated with Chinese music as I haven’t been keeping track with any artists that I like at ALL. I only realised he has a new song when I heard it on radio about 3 weeks ago!!

I’m not sure if he will release a special version for this album like what he did for Superman. That’s because I found 2 cover of the same album. The other cover is less colorful O_O. So far, I have manage to catch 2 songs of his – Super Sunshine and The Waking Song. Both are catchy tunes – IMO, songs that talks about the brighter side of love.

Anyway, all the songs are composed by him.

Gary Chaw – Super Sunshine

Taiwan release date: 4th January 2008
Malaysia release date: 9th January 2008


01. Super Sunshine
02. 起床歌 / The Waking Song
03. 無辜 / Innocent
04. 妹妹要快樂
05. 吹吹風 / Chui Chui Feng
06. 奈斯男孩
07. 單數 / Odd Number / Singular
08. 愛到最後一秒也不委曲
09. 愛愛 / Love Love
10. 愛的弧度
11. 你的歌 / Your Song

Source: TW Rock Records


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