Lee Jun Ki’s tofu diet for new drama

Gosh! O_O tofu, tofu and tofu for his breakfast, lunch and dinner – that’s what LJK will be having to prepare for his role in his new drama, “Iljimae”. I have no objections of him dieting to lose weight but he should take care about his health.

Lee Jun Ki lost 8 kg after only eating tofu everyday for the past 2 weeks, to prepare for his new drama. Last 2 months he had a packed schedule where he went overseas for promotional events. Then after those trips, he took a rest and his weight has increased. Next year, he will start filming his drama, Iljimae, but the said character is someone who’s skinny. Therefore, LJK decided to lose weight to match the character that he will be playing.

The representative from his agency said that when LJK wants to do something, he won’t rest until he reaches his goal. When he heard that tofu will help him in losing weight, he decided to eat only tofu for his daily 3 meals. Furthermore, he has fitness training. So he regained back his original weight. During his dieting days, his refridgerator only has various type of tofu food and nothing else. Besides the tofu for his meals, he also has to learn horse-riding, martial arts and various other training to prepare for his character.

His character in the drama is very strong personality. Even though it is also a period drama, LJK will let user view a totally different image compared to The King and Clown. “Iljimae” will start filming at the beginning of next year and is scheduled to broadcast after “The King and I” have ended in April.

Source: SINA / mydaily
English translation by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
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3 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki’s tofu diet for new drama

  1. Hes skinny enough ~.~
    anyway, fangorn, do you have msn? i would like to ask you a few question about korean songs >”<

    I’m Malaysian by the way.

  2. omo… he’s quite thin though not skinny but he STILL needs to lose weight?

    well looking fwd to his new drama ^_________^

    thanks for translating the news!

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