Xmas Big4 Concert Pics

Participants are SG Wannabe, SeeYa, FT Island and Wheesung. Crossing fingers that they are clips around ^^

Note: Please do not hotlink and click for larger versions

SG Wannabe



F.T. Island

Note: Can’t get the 5th member’s pic…err…mianhe

Source: Tom.com / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Credits as usual


2 thoughts on “Xmas Big4 Concert Pics

  1. Wheesung in white suits *again*… he he he… i need to see the perf b4 can give my wishful view.

    will DL it once ‘ada’ in CB.

  2. What? I could have sworn it was SG Wannabe, Wheesung, M to M, and FT Island. I’d been wanting to go to this and I had been keeping up with it. See Ya? I liked their first album, but their new image is annoying and I’m sick of them trying to do fast songs. (No offense to See Ya fans) The fact that they were called the girl version of SG doesn’t do SG justice… Anyway, this caught me by surprise cause I could have sworn it was M to M…

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