Odagiri Joe is getting married!

OK, I don’t really like his current hairstyle/look. Too weird O_O… I watched Death Note, the movie, didn’t remember his future wife’s name…don’t recognise her ?!

Anyway, omedetou gozaimasu!

The media was caught off guard by yesterday evening’s press conference by top actor Odagiri Jo (31) and young actress Kashii Yuu (20). The two announced that after a relationship of two years they are planning to get married in the New Year. As well known for his radical fashion sense as for his various critically acclaimed movie appearances, a clearly nervous Odagiri sported his recent “late-period John Lennon” look. By giving a formal press conference rather than announcing the news by fax, and such revelations as Kashii’s strictly enforced 10pm curfew, the image of a young couple in love seemed to override the 11-year age difference between them. The media are referring to them using such terms as “seijitsu” (sincere, honest) and “junai” (pure and innocent love), a reaction perhaps to the many shotgun weddings and short-lived marriages that are common in the showbiz world. When asked about her ideal husband, Kashii said she’d like to marry someone like her own father, who she described as “very strict and stubborn”. Odagiri, who was raised by his mother, echoed his fiancee by saying he hoped to live up to that image. He added that he has seen Kashii as a future marriage partner since they started dating. Asked about the timing of the announcement, he said that he will be filming overseas at the beginning of next year and wanted Kashii to feel at ease while he is away. The two, who met on the set of the 2005 movie “The Pavillion Salamandre”, share the same birthday, February 16. That seems as likely a date for their wedding as any.

Odagiri got his break on TV in the title role of “Kamen Rider Uga” in 2000. He won a Japan Academy Award as best newcomer for the 2003 movie “Azumi”. He was romantically linked with actress Mizuno Miki (33), but they split in 2005. Kashii, whose grandfather is American, spent her elementary school years in Singapore. She started out as a fashion model before making her TV debut in Fuji TV’s hugely popular series “Waterboys” in 2003. She appeared in the first “Death Note” movie in 2006.

Source: Japan-Zone.com


5 thoughts on “Odagiri Joe is getting married!

  1. Well that was a shocker!
    My Joe can’t get marries sob sob.
    But I did not even know they were dating, Kashii Yuu was clamed to be dating Shun Oguri.
    What can I say except omedetou.

  2. eh?? he’s getting married?? *sigh* what can i say …. congratulation to him then. i hope he has a good marriage. as long as he doesn’t stop churning out good acting … i’d be happy!

    mmm … Pavilion Salamandre … to bad the dvd released has no english sub. this is one of his movies that i wish to see.

    thanks for the news dear.

  3. isn’t she that girl in Jin and Junno(from Kat-Tun) new drama “Yukun Club”?

    Noooooo he can’t get married…..NOOOOOOO THE WORLD IS ENDING!…….hahahaha ok i am overreacting.lolol

  4. CONGRATS!!!

    His wife has won the best supporting actress in Yukan Club. Well, maybe he teached her the acting skills.

    Match made in heaven. I love Joe Odagiri acting and he is my number one favorite. Totally and extremely talented and outstanding actor.

  5. oh…the girl is so young
    i don’t remember seeing her in Death Note (maybe i didnt pay attention
    i knew her from My Boss My Hero, never knew she was so young that time
    anyway…congrats to them..

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