ERU going to military next year?!

I’m shocked coz I thought he will be going like maybe in 2010 or later. Why are all the singers that I do listen to going to the army at the same time? ERU, Tei, Wheesung, etc… To look at the bright side, he will have them as company, including the boys at Shinhwa. 😦

Oh yes, the main news from KBS but I have added some news from newskorea. It’s about his single…

Singer Eru has decided to serve in the Korean military next year.

Eru’s agency said the exact timing of the singer’s military service is yet to be set, but it will likely be in the second half of next year.

The U.S.-born singer gave up his American citizenship two years ago and acquired a Korean one.

Eru will hold his first solo concert in February at Yonsei University, two years after his debut. The singer says he wants to hold his first solo concert before he joins the military. Eru’s song “The Two of Us” from his third album was a big hit.

The singer’s concert made the headlines especially after the news spread that his father, veteran trot singer Tae Jin-ah, will appear as a guest at his son’s concert.

Eru’s songs “Black Glasses” and “White Snow” from his second album were big hits, earning the singer great recognition as an artist and not just as a son of his famous father.

His songs “The Two of Us” and “Spending the Winter” from his third album are also enjoying enormous popularity.

Source: KBS Global

Additional news…

He said he want to have a solo concert in February 2008, therefore he’s actually busy preparing for the concert. He also has planned to release a single after the concert. He will only go to the army after he has completed all these things.

Source: SINA / newskorea
English short translation by fangorn @
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