Chun Jung Myung tidbits

Ah…He will be the first artist to go to the army in 2008 as his enlistment date is 2nd Jan! That’s like a week away 😦

I have compiled about 3 news article related to him. His film, Hansel and Gretel, is already released. He is trying to promote the film as much as he can.

News #1

Chun Jung Myung’s ideal woman

He made known what he looks for as his ideal partner. He said he likes someone who will make him fall in love with her at first sight. He don’t actually go for looks or inner beauty, or whether she’s cute, sexy, pretty, kind, etc. He smilingly added that there were a few who really do made him fall in love with them at first sight but he couldn’t maintain contact with them. He also said he have yet to go out with any artist until now.

Source: SINA / edaily
English translation by fangorn @
Full credits when posting elsewhere

News #2

“Production Crew Style Artist” – Chun Jung Myung

Chun Jung Myung has been nicknamed by the production crew as “Production Crew Style Artist”*1. That’s because during the production of Hansel and Gretel, besides being the male lead, he’s also helped in production, lighting, art direction, cinematography, etc. Even under the coldest or the most tiring days, he would not forget to serve the crew snacks. He would also help the crew moved things and sometimes he would been seen holding the camera to interview the production crew. He warmed up the atmosphere on the film set. It’s this down-to-earth/easy-going attitude that earned him this nickname


*1 – My own interpretation of “工作人员型演员”

Source: SINA / newskorea
English translation summary by fangorn @
Full credits when posting elsewhere

News #3

Hansel and Gretel Press Conference

Chun Jung Myung last movie press conference before his military duty has attracted a lot of press media on the 6th of December.

He’s very good looking when he appeared in the press conference wearing an all-black outfit. He said that he actually received the enlistment letter on 29th May but because he really like director Yim Phil Seung’s works that he decided to postpone the enlistment until after the movie.

He has confirmed to enlist in January and the movie will be released on the 27th December.

Source: SINA / starnews
English translation summary by fangorn @
Full credits when posting elsewhere


11 thoughts on “Chun Jung Myung tidbits

  1. hi!
    i’ve just finished watching “what’s up fox”.
    this is 1st time for me watching ur series.
    don’t change ur mind after ur military service.
    i’m waiting for u to appear on tv again.
    Have fun!
    Enjoy urself!

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