Son Ho Young in a musical in Jan 2008

oooh…musical the “in” thing in Korea right now ? 😛  I am also interested in his debut movi, which according to my information, has already been released on 19th Dec.

Son Ho-young tests his talent in new venue

Son Ho-young, a former member of the boy band g.o.d., makes his debut on the musical stage with “Singles” next month.

The award-winning musical based on the hit movie of the same title, vividly describes the young generation’s thoughts on love and marriage. In the musical, Son will play the role of Park Soo-heon, not-so-sophisticated but warm-hearted 30 something man working in the finance industry.

Son is the latest in a series of boldface film and television actors testing their stage legs. Versatile movie actor Hwang Jung-min returns to the musical stage in January with the Korean rendition of the Broadway musical “Nine.” Han Chae-young, known as a Barbie doll in Korea, is also trying to reveal her deeper self and her acting talent now at a Daehangno theater.

Asked what has motivated him to make his stage debut, Son said he has many friends performing on the musical stage. He also said he has been waiting for an offer that would take him to the stage.

“While I was watching my friends singing and dancing on the stage, I thought ‘it would be nice if I could play the musical too someday,'” said Son.

Debuting in 1999 as a vocalist in g.o.d., Son, with a decent voice and killer smile, was a key contributor to the popularity of the group. The boy band enjoyed tremendous success, releasing seven regular albums until they disbanded two years ago.

He became the first g.o.d. member to go solo last year, releasing his first album “YES.”

In July, Son showcased another single album entitled “Sweet Love.”

Son has also been testing his acting talents on the big screen. Son recently made his debut with the film “Gold Digger Miss Shin (Yonguijudo Miss Shin).” In the film, Son took the role of a handsome rapper, one of four potential Mr. rights for Shin Misu, a likeable beauty played by Han Ye-seul.

The musical “Singles” featuring Son will reach the stage on Jan. 15 at the Hoam Art Hall in central Seoul. The show runs through Feb. 24. Tickets are 35,000 won to 70,000 won. For details and ticket reservations, call 1577-5266 or visit

Source: Korea Herald

2 thoughts on “Son Ho Young in a musical in Jan 2008

  1. I noticed that u like Hoi also. Well, he can do it since I had saw him do in in god The Last concert. in DVD of course. First part of the concert was a musical.

    What motivated him? Kim TaeWoo had done it first (it was tremendous hit back then) then Ock Jo Hyun too. so maybe that moved him.

  2. Yeah, I like Hoi. I like his smile and his dances. He danced real good and his smile is very bright. Although his voice may not be as strong as Kim Tae Woo but his voice still “boleh” la.

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