So Ji Sup and Take in Fundraiser Ad

Some bit of news about SJS current activity… I am still waiting for his Cain and Abel… anybody knows when will it be screened? As for TAKE…err..I don’t listen to them O_O

Heartthrob actor So Ji-sub and the four member male band TAKE have partnered to advocate the rights of needy children with a song called ‘HOPE.’

They will appear in a video ad to raise funds for missing and destitute children. The efforts are being led by a domestic children’s foundation.

The video is being jointly produced by the foundation and TAKE’s management agency, Sedona Media.

A foundation official said, “Hearing about the good cause, actor So Ji-sub willingly participated in the shoot,” adding the celebrities’ involvement is expected to help the fundraiser a great deal.

Source: RKI KBS Global


2 thoughts on “So Ji Sup and Take in Fundraiser Ad

  1. will TAKE be the one singing the song?? i hope So Ji Seob will not sing … cos as much as i like him as an actor, he sucks at singing (seen some clips of him ‘singing’ long time ago!). by the way, i love TAKE. they have good vocals and their songs are nice too.

  2. I’m not sure if SJS will sing or not…maybe he’s in the “Feature” artist ?? y’know singing a verse or two… ehm…highly unlikely. I think he will appear more like an actor (most probable) and TAKE as the singer of the song ad.

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