A nice short Daniel Wu interview

I always like to watch Daniel Wu in movies, ever since I first saw him in City of Glass. I have tried to watch all of his movies as I can, even though, I have yet to succeed. So far, of all his movies, the ones that I like are Love Undercover (the first one), Enter The Phoenix, One Nite in Mongkok (even though I don’t really like Cecilia Cheung) and Divergence (although the focus is on Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng, IMO). He did quite well in Protege actually.

Oh, talking about Protege, did he kill himself??? O_O I don’t really remember the ending, I only remembered the scene where he sat in Zhang Jing-Chu’s sofa, wearing his cop uniform and not sure if he uses the drug box that belongs to the girl. I thought her child saved him in the end? No???

Jump to The Star M’sia to read about the interview

2 thoughts on “A nice short Daniel Wu interview

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