Go Go 70 film cast update

Hmm, I reported about the film cast aeons ago here but it seems Kim Ah Joong is not going to participate in this film and had chosen “Melos” as her comeback movie instead (you can read about that piece of news at Dramabeans here). I’m not sure about the current status of Ryu Seung-Bum though.

This is the latest film cast update from KOFIC and Shin Mina is joining the cast so I guess she replaces KAJ?

SHIN Mina Joins Go go 70 Cast

SHIN Mina has been cast in CHOI Ho’s Go go 70. The film portrays the 70s nightlife in Korea and the story will focus on a go go band and the club where the band performs. CHO Seung-woo had already been cast as the lead vocalist of the band. SHIN’s character is a volunteer who helps the band. The guitarist of the band will be a role for CHA Seung-woo, the guitarist of the punk band No Brain.

SHIN grabbed attention with her role in the popular martial arts comedy Volcano High and she also starred in KIM Jee-woon’s acclaimed A Bittersweet Life.

SHIN is currently filming BOO Ji-young’s Jigeum Idaeroga Johayo (English translation: I love the way it is now) about two sisters (SHIN and KONG Hyo-jin) with opposing characters who learn to appreciate each other when they need to collaborate in order to find their father who left them. BOO is a recognized short film director and Jigeum Idaeroga Johayo is her feature film directorial debut.

CHO (Tazza: The High Rollers) possesses the skills for his role in Go go 70 as he displayed, during his break from films, with his onstage musicals. CHOI previously directed Bloody Tie.

Source: KOFIC


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