CJ7 is actually…

…an alien dog! LOL, I always thought it is the kid… Anyway, here’s the news report on the dog. It was kinda sweet for Stephen because he based this dog character on his late pet dog.

The dog character design, however, reminded me of Chicken Little, without the glasses. It looked kinda cute :)…

^ That’s the cutest…. šŸ™‚

The leading role in Hong Kong comic actor-director Stephen Chow’s new movie is not Chow himself, nor his personated son or the UFO in its official poster, but instead an alien dog, with a pea green body and a furry head, reported Sina.com.cn on Monday.

In the latest released poster of the fantasy comedy, “A Hope,” the green alien puppy makes its debut.

The movie, embellished with state-of-the-art visual effects, tells the story of a poor father who cannot even afford to buy his son a gift, so instead he picks up an abandoned puppet from a dumpster. But to the pair’s delight, the toy turns out to be an alien dog.

The character is based on Chow’s pet dog Bull Bull. “We would do running exercises every day and even go shopping together when he was alive,” the star was quoted as saying.

Source: CRIEnglish
Picture Source: SINA / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


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