2007 Golden Disk Awards Winners and Pics

Congratulations to all ! Ivy actually went to the awards (after all the stuff about her scandal) and O_O Wheesung was on the same scene !!!

Anyway, Ivy won another award which I don’t know what it is (according to this page here). And I didn’t put in the TROT section award winner…don’t know the name to translate it to English. FYI, I have earlier posted the nominees list here.

For the pics, I sorted them according to the artists. I don’t have all the pics of the winners, though. Most of them wore the same attire as the ones that they wore during the red carpet. I am very baffled by Ivy’s choice of clothes as why she looked like that during the award ceremony and the way she looked during the red carpet – it’s like totally 2 different person ??!!! I kinda like Younha’s dress – yep looks gray and all but to me, kinda nice…


  • SG Wannabe


  • Epik High
  • Super Junior
  • Shin Hye Sung
  • Wheesung
  • SG Wannabe
  • YangPa
  • Big Bang
  • SeeYa
  • Ivy
  • Wonder Girls


  • Younha
  • F.T. Island
  • Girls Generation

Digital Album/Single

  • SeeYa
  • Wonder Girls
  • Ivy

Hip Hop

  • Dynamic Duo


  • Girls Generation
  • F.T. Island
  • Super Junior
  • Younha


  • Park Jin Young

Special Award

  • Kim Ah Joong (Maria)

Source: 2007 Golden Disk Award website (link) / English listing by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com

Pictures – Please do not hotlink and may click for larger version of some pics

The Beautiful and Good-Looking MCs

DaeSang winner – SG Wannabe

BonSang winners

Epik High


Shin Hye Sung


Big Bang

See Ya


Wonder Girls


Other winners



Girls Generation

Pictures Sources: 1S, starnews, SINA / reuploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
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7 thoughts on “2007 Golden Disk Awards Winners and Pics

  1. That first pic of Ivy is not from the golden disk awards… That one’s from like a festival thing 2 or 3 months back (just to let you know)

  2. Oh yeah.. forgot to comment what I was really wanting to say..haha

  3. yeah .. SG Wannabe truly deserves winning the Daesang. and i think most of those artists such as Wheesung, Big Bang, Younha, Shin Hye Sung, YangPa, FT Island (going by the fact that they did very well as a newcomer and that they play the instruments themselves) and Epik High deserve the awards they won too. as for the others, i either dun listen to them at all or rarely do.

    but i’m a bit disappointed that K.Will, didn’t win in the newcomer category. and there are a lot of really talented great singers nominated, unfortunately, in the popularity category which means that being popular prevails over one’s singing talent!

  4. I was so happy that SG Wannabe and Epik High won!!!! wooht wooht!! But I was sorta disappointed that Wonder Girls won… Even though they don’t lip synch– (I mean, one can tell by the way they’re singing that it’s not lip synching…)–they’re horrible singers. I’m sorry for all those who love them and stuff like that but seriously, they owe ALL their success to JYP. No offense or anything, my friend, my mom and I were watching them and OMG…we were cringing when they would sing their little parts. They sound okay when they sing as a group but they seriously don’t know how to sing live when it comes to solos… I don’t mean to be mean or anyhing and i realize that they are pretty new, but for them to win one of the bonsang is unthinkable…why would anyone let people who didn’t know how to sing win??? It’s just appalling… All they have (so far…there’s plenty of room for improvement) is a beautiful face. I also know that they are young and yes, they definitely have time to improve— i mean, it’s most advisable that they do b/c if they don’t and they still win more big awards…then i’m definitely protesting or something..(well, nothing that drastic…)! Still, groups like Epik High and SG/W– work so hard and they actually write some or most of their lyrics/songs (well, at least for Epik High…wooht Go TABLO!!) Okay, i know you guys are sick of my rant and want me to shut up…but seriously, they try to be TOO cutesy-cutesy… it works for some and especially for Japanese stars but it’s just too over the top when they attempt to be cute… THEY ARE CUTE AS THEY ARE– no need o/d-ing it!!

    omg– you guys must be so happy that this rant is over…but i just had to get my opinion out. I’m pretty sure lots of people will send me hate comments for saying this but seriously, it’s too bad that people just look at them and say — they’re so pretty, their dance is so cool, and their song is awesome… I mean, to me, what makes a singer is the fact that he or she can sing well live, write or produce his or her own songs, and put on a good show when performing…

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