2007 Xmas Big4 Concert

Ahhh….wheesung in it 🙂 – I wonder if there will be clips to download last the last one 😛

Date : Dec. 25

Place : Jamsil Gymnasium, Seoul

Four greatest singing sensations in Korea have gathered to celebrate the year’s end. Wonderfully talented male trio SG WannaBe is touted as the nation’s best R&B group with a series of hits like “Arirang”. Sweet-voiced Wheesung came back this summer after getting a new agent and the title song “Love Is Delicious” from his fifth album was a huge hit. Another returnee is balladeer male duo MtoM, who wrapped up a two-year hiatus with their third and more masculine-sounding album “Bad Man.” The youngest of the lineup is today’s hottest idol group, FT Island, who has taken the music industry by a storm this year. Each one of these four stars can hold his own against any singer out there today, so just imagine how wonderful it will be to have all four under one roof performing together.

Source: KBS World


One thought on “2007 Xmas Big4 Concert

  1. it would be really great if i could attend a concert with SG, M to M and Wheesung performing in it. As for FT Island, i haven’t listened that much to them … so i can’t really say much! heh heh …

    mmm … i think M to M’s 3rd new album is titled The Colorful Voices? ‘Bad Man’, if i’m not mistaken is the single that was released before this and the song is also included in this 3rd album.

    p/s – have u gone and watched The Warlords??

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