Lee Jun Ki SD Doll

Ehm….not much resemblance with the live version 😛 Beautiful doll though (like the real person). I bet this doll will costs a bomb (well, Japanese things are expensive!). No idea on how much, where to buy…

Oh, and I finally learnt something today 🙂 – what’s SD Doll is…click here to find out more about SD Dolls. Looks like this doll is quite ehm..”life-size”!

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures, click for larger versions (for some of them)

^ from this angle, the doll does look like him 🙂

Source: SINA / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


12 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki SD Doll

  1. yeah … the dolls are beautiful. in some of those pictures, the dolls do look a little like Jun Ki at first glance. heh heh … the dolls even come with the eyebags!

  2. I heard about it. Where did you get this news? I wonder what company is making such, since I know of a few. A SD Junki, it looks really cool.

  3. i want that doll! there was another one that was made to look like the character he played in the king and the clown, but sadly, it`s sold out. -__- i`m obsessed with jun ki merch.

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