se7en coming back for YG concert

Err..that’s why I deciphered from this Japanese news article. Every year end, we will always have the YG Concert, which involves all the artists in YG stable. But this year, se7en is in US so nobody is sure if he will be back for this annual event or not.

Since this is from a Japanese article, I am trying my best to make sense of what I understand so if there’s anything “lost” in the translation, please let me know. 🙂

** Updated with the Chinese article translation **

歌手SE7EN、「2007 ONEコンサート」のため8ヶ月ぶりに帰国

4月から米国市場進出のために米国に滞在していた歌手SE7ENが、YGファミリーの「2007 ONEコンサート」のため、8ヶ月ぶりに帰国する。

SE7ENの所属事務所YGエンターテイメントの関係者は、10日「SE7ENが『ONEコンサート』の参加のために、今月第3週の週末頃に帰国す る予定 だ。『ONEコンサート』でSE7ENは、30分から40分ほど持ち時間があるため、帰国後公演準備に拍車をかける」と明らかにした。

「ONEコンサート」は、毎年12月31日YGエンターテイメントの所属歌手が集まり、ファンと一緒に新年に迎えるコンサート。今回は、SE7EN の他、 BigBang、1TYM、Jinusean、45RPM、舞歌黨、チウンらが参加、ソウルバンイ洞オリンピック公園フェンシング競技場で開かれる。

Se7en will return home after 8 months for “2007 ONE Concert”

In order to prepare for his U.S debut, se7en has been staying in the U.S since April this year. Although he’s in the U.S, he will be coming back (after 8 months) to attend YG Family’s “2007 ONE Concert”.

A representative of YG Entertainment said se7en is planning to return home around the 3rd week of December to participate in the concert. The amount of time he has for this concert is about 30-40 minutes *1.

“ONE Concert” is the concert that YG Ent. held at the end of every year (31st Dec) and it consists of all its artists. The concert is to enable fans and artists mark the end of the year and celebrate the beginning o fthe new year. This time, besides se7en, there will be Big Bang, 1TYM, Jinusean, 45RPM, MooGaDang and JiEun. *2

*1 – I’m not very sure about this sentence, whether his performance is schedule to start around the 30 min time or he intends to spend 30-40 minutes on stage. I’m lost on the meaning of the second part of the statement (after the comma). It’s something about the feeling to perform after returning to the country…

*2 – The last sentence is about the place where it is going to be held…ehm…very hard for me to figure out the place so …

Source: Innolife
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Additional Info from the Chinese article…

Se7en intends to perform in the concert for about 30-40 minutes. The venue is Olympic Park in Seoul. Se7en will also perform, for the first time, his US songs.

Source: SINA
English summary by fangorn @
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