Letters from Angels charity exhibition for Korean orphans

Ehm…first time I heard of it. I think it’s a nice way of using the stars’ fame to help the orphans. I wonder why the high number of orphans without a family in S.Korea (that’s 7000+) O_O. More pics after the article…

Many South Korean entertainment stars have taken part in a series of charity photo-shoots, posing for pictures with orphans to help them find new parents.

This year’s charity exhibition, titled “letters from angels”, is the fifth of its kind, having attracted many big names including actress Yoon Eunhye and actor Joo Ji Hoon.

The organizer said he hopes the activity will raise people’s concern for orphans and hopes to help homeless children find normal family lives.

There are nearly 10,000 new-born babies in South Korea every year who do not live with their parents due to various reasons. With the help of others, only some 3,900 of them are adopted and find new homes.

Source: CRI English / photosby Seihon Cho

More pictures…

All picture source: Seihon Cho / SINA


12 thoughts on “Letters from Angels charity exhibition for Korean orphans

  1. these pictures are quite moving. it makes you feel a little good inside, it’s great that celebrities are taking their time to do for a greater cause. thanks for the pictures.

  2. My heart drop when i saw those little kids with no mom and dad
    if i could help those kids just reply on my account… For those people with lovely heart to adopt babies please help them… and for the actors thanks you for the time to help the little babies kansahamnida…. from jenny jobilo from the islands of the philippines this is my yahoo account jen_aiah_me@yahoo.com

  3. It’s clear to a person who is already a daddy or a mommy because the way they carry the baby…duh..!
    Joo Ji Hoon your the best!!!_03_

  4. These little babies are so cute! I love them all, they remind me of myself when I was their age. I was adopted from S. Korea and I am planning to adopt from S. Korea when I am old enough.


  5. oh my god i started to cry when rollover the page…
    these small babies, so cute, without someone to love them ._. how sad world can be…

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