Shinhwa Pics for their 10th Anniversary

Ehm, I think it’s for their anniversary picture book. Even though I’m not a fan of their songs, I really do like to look at their pics as I always felt the warmth & closeness of their friendship in their pictures.

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures, click for larger version

Source: SINA / Good Ent. + re-uploaded by fangorn @


4 thoughts on “Shinhwa Pics for their 10th Anniversary

  1. Hi there. Hisashiburi. ^^; Those pictures are for their [Winter Story 2007] single. I thought I’d see them more in Dec with their comeback but they’re too busy with their Asia Tour. Can’t wait to see them together again – though it’ll be their last year for a while. T_T

  2. Ah, beautiful ShinHwa pictures…..thank you!

    Yeah, i’ll be sad when they begin their mandatory military obligations but i look forward to their return and future activities~ Hwaiting! ShinHwa Yonwonhi~!

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