9th Korean-China Song Festival

According to SINA, the date was 6th of December and I’m totally not aware of it…These days I’m a bit busy to update my blog 😦 gomen nasai

Anyway, the Korean side has DBSK, SG Wannabe, Wheesung (?eh, he was in Beijing? O_O), Baby V.O.X ReV, Maya, Paran, Lee Jung Hyun, Baek Ji Young and SNSD.

I havent the time to go and look for da pictures -__-…

Korea-China Song Festival Expected to Boost Korean Wave

The 9th Korea-China Song Festival, which is being co-organized by KBS and China’s CCTV, has opened in Beijing, China.

The festival is expected to promote the Korean Wave in China, as many top Korean artists will show off their impressive vocals and even Chinese-speaking skills to Chinese audiences.

Korean performers have already enraptured Chinese viewers with their astounding dancing skills and powerful vocals.
A b-boy team staged a perfect performance while singer Lee Jung-hyun took the audience’s breath away with her powerful voice.

The bands “Girls’ Generation” and “Paran” debuted in China at the festival, promising to boost the Korean Wave when they firmly establish a presence in China.

Source: KBS Global


One thought on “9th Korean-China Song Festival

  1. Korean music just sounds better to me. If by chance Chinese music changed its cheesy pop, copied songs, and un-original content, I might like Chinese music more.
    However, this does not apply to Wang Lee Hom and a few others. He is already original and awesome.

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