oh my…Jo In Sung + Joo Jin Mo…

O_O, my heart almost jumped out when I heard this news… Remembered the gay movie that JIS is going to do before his military duty ?! GOSH, looks who he will be “kissing” in the movie ???? Joo Jin Mo! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! x100………..

I’m not going to translate the full news (c-news here and here) …lazy being part of the reason 😛 , but JJM will be playing the King at the end of Goryo Dynasty…sorry my knowledge on Korean history is zero :/ , I have no idea when that is  … movie is based on a novel, JIS will be playing captain to the King’s army (I guess some special army), there will be a Queen (but who’s playing the Queen, not sure yet).


16 thoughts on “oh my…Jo In Sung + Joo Jin Mo…


    I LOVED HIM IN 200 POUND BEAUTY! He’s so sexy!

    GASH! and yeah! I added you as an affiliate on my site. I just can’t find a banner for the site. So yeahhhhh… If you want to see it you can just click my name. 😀

    HE’S SO SEXY! Is he married? LOL

  2. wow … this i can’t wait to see. i hope the movie will be subtle on the ‘relationship’ between the two men. can’t imagine Jo In Sung in sex scenes like those in No Regret. as for Joo Jin Mo … he’s done that already in Happy End, no … not with a man but with Jeon Do Yeon. heh heh …

    • I’m from Hong Kong. I know Joo Jin Mo these days when seeing the film FROZEN FLOWER. But I love him immediately. I am captured by his EXCELLENT, MARVELLOUS PERFORMANCE in the film. His eyes are expressive —- his eyes can tell; his eyes can unfold his inner feelings; his eyes can cry; his eyes can speak. What a wonderful superb star on the silver screen. LOVE HIM ! Sincerely hope he’ll get more more more global films. LOVE HIM !

  3. I can’t believe I came apon this news. Joo Jin Mo and Jo In Sung on one movie together. Jo In Sung gets to lay his lips apon Joo Jin Mo’s. How I envy In Sung. Come to think about it, i’m acutally excited to watch this movie, considering the movie is based on a novel of homosexuality. Wish for the best!

  4. waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    can’t wait to see this movie?
    is it out yet?
    by the way what is the title for this movie?
    gahhhh~~ jo jin mo and jo in seong! I JUST LOVE THEM BOTH!!

  5. Ohhh,that was good but feel jealous ‘coz he will kiss a guy but not me,,hahahhahaha!
    I love jo in sung but that.was good! they are together in one movie or mini-series..Well,wish you both the best in life to have or make more movies/series to entertain us and feel happy…and to laugh /till tears fallin….

  6. Jo Jin Mo ………… can’t wait to see this movie, i love him so ….. much in Queen Of the Game his Cool and cute and ….. isn’t he …….
    🙂 😛
    but still i hope the best for this two guys

    oh ya by the way is it allready lounching? when?

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