Honey & Clover drama cast

Eh, look, well, I found out who’s going to be Morita. He’s the actor in Be With You drama. He’s also in Orange Days. Drama will starts airing Jan next year šŸ™‚

Cast and …

Now, I am finding the links to watch the cartoon. Looks like I may have to ehm…buy the VCD if unable to find it.


2 thoughts on “Honey & Clover drama cast

  1. mmm … Narimiya Hiroki as Morita?? although Narimiya is a good actor (seen quite a lot of his dramas and movies) but i dun dig his look (not that he’s ugly or anything, in fact he’s quite good looking). i know little about the anime, but i love the movie version and i love Morita’s character as portrayed by Yusuke Iseya. Yu Aoi as Hagu is also adorable.

    i also like Ikuta Toma in Hana Kimi … he’s so adorably funny. and to my delight also … Takashi Kawashibara is in it too!!

    thanks for the info.

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