Chun Jung Myung’s last before military

As I have posted earlier, this ultra-cool guy will be joining the army next year. This movie, Hansel and Gretel, will be his last before the mandatory 2 years plus break.

After seeing the production pics, WOW, scary yet I want to watch it…the set designs are really good ^^.

Jump to Dramabeans’ thread on the movie…

I saw both of his drama (Goodbye Solo and What’s Up Fox) on sale – I’m undecided on which to buy – any idea?


6 thoughts on “Chun Jung Myung’s last before military

  1. i loved them both.

    i don’t know if you saw any of them but goodbye solo is great for its dialogue and aloof yet strangely endearing urbanites but can be a little on the slow side. what’s up fox is a comedy on a 30-something woman hoping for her last romance before it’s too late (in terms of biological clock)–the pairing alone is enough of a reason to watch this drama.

    i guess it depends on what you’d be in the mood for most often: understated drama and angst or silly comedy romance.

  2. no, haezi, I havent buy them yet… I think I will buy What’s Up Fox… rom-com is the genre I like more ^^ .

    I also want to watch DaeJa Spring but cant seem to find it in VCD here ?? anyone saw it?

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