Zou no Senaka pic book

Ah…so boring the last few days as I can’t find news that interested me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

OK, enough with my complaints…on to this pic book…ehm, not really interested in it as I am more interested in the anime DVD. Eh??? Anyone heard about this anime DVD?


A picture book is the latest spinoff in the “Zou no Senaka” boom. Translated as “The Elephant’s Back”, the 2006 novel by Akimoto Satoshi has been adapted into a hit movie, starring Yakusho Koji and Imai Miki, and an anime DVD. It tells of the final months of a middle-aged salaryman dying of lung cancer. The new book goes on sale December 5 and comes with a CD of tracks featuring whistler Kuchibue Tarou (41). Whistling is also enjoying something of a boom in Japan, since a Japanese university student won the Whistling World Championships in the U.S. in May. Next year’s event will be held in Japan.

Source: Japan-zone.com


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