[PV] Chemistry – Saigo no Kawa – Zou no Senaka theme

This is the theme song to the movie, Zou no Senaka (Back of the Elephant). The English title will be “The Last River”. The title in Japanese is “最期の川”. When I first watched this PV (without knowing that it is a theme song), I have already guessed that it may be a song to some drama/movie. Well, the PV has a story-plot to it. After I found out, I thought that the scenes in the PV were taken from the movie but they were not. The actor in the PV looked familiar, I have seen him before in those J-dramas that I have watched but I don’t know his name.

I went on to do some R&D on the movie and wow, I think I like the plot. Even though it’s about death :/ I have posted some information links to the movie, if you are interested. Also included the song lyrics’ link and I also found a translation link to it. The lyrics was written by the author of the novel, which the movie was based on.

Regarding the song, it brought back the feelings of the time when I was really really obsessed with Chemistry. Hence, I really really like this song. I hope you like it, too ^^.

Note: As usual, I don’t really have the MQ/HQ of J-PV. This is the LQ version but it’s clear enough.

Download MV – 17 MB
Note: Please do not post file link elsewhere

Zou no Senaka movie links:

Song lyric


4 thoughts on “[PV] Chemistry – Saigo no Kawa – Zou no Senaka theme

  1. mmm … the plot of the movie reminds me of Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru which is also about a man dying of cancer and decides to make good his remaining life. i overlooked what you said about the PV not using scenes from the movie and was a while confused as to why Koji Yakusho didn’t look like himself!! heh heh …

    thanks for the PV. not really a fan of Chemistry but i do enjoy some of their songs.

  2. ah when it comes to J-movie knowledge, I’m like 😦 ….lol, I never watch any Kurosawa movies -see Im “that” outdated :/

    I have too many J-things to catch up 😛 no time ~~

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