Mr. Muscleman is back!

Well, not yet as a person….but his voice is back \^^/ – in a digital single/album. He will be officially off army’s duties in March next year 🙂 and I think the marketing people is starting his comeback campaign already…

Oh…Mr. Muscleman is Kim Jong Kook 🙂 that’s my nickname for him…

Singer Kim Jong-guk, a former member of the duo Turbo, will release an online Turbo remake single entitled ‘2007 Reflection’ on Friday. He is set to complete his military duty in March.

A remake album of the hit 90s dance group is the first since 2001. Turbo’s hits include ‘My Childhood Dream,’ ‘Black Cat’ and ‘Twist King.’

The album has two versions: Part one, which consists of seasonal winter songs, and Part two, which comprises sweet, sentimental melodies. They will be sold on- and offline within a month from each other.

Part One includes five wintry songs, an arrangement of Kim’s hit ‘One Man’ and the title song ‘Reflection’ which is arranged in two styles, acoustic and hip hop.

Part Two, which will come out in January, includes Kim’s other hits.

Source: KBS Global


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