Why LDW looked so dorky ?!

Stills from his new film with Eugene, supposedly his last before he join the army :/

The film name is a bit weird – “The Man Book 198 Pieces” – I have no idea why it is named like that -__- but this film is based on a novel and the title is taken from the novel.
This is not the first time that Eugene is paired with a tall actor (LDW is 185 cm) as I remembered in Save the Last Dance… Ji Sung is tall too (not as tall as LDW – JS is 178cm, but still tall). And she also acted with Kim Jae Won (also I think 180+) 🙂 all of them have a near 20 or 20+ cm height difference with her…

Movie plot – Love story between 2 people who has been hurt before in love…I guess, typical love story but this is his “last” before temporarily saying bye-bye so must watch!

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^ the above pic, LDW really really looks like Jay Chou from that angle! Maybe, it’s the hair ??

^ I really like the scarf err…neck thingy 😛 that Eugene was wearing….

Pictures credit: starnews
Re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com

14 thoughts on “Why LDW looked so dorky ?!

  1. yeap .. i kinda agree with u that he looks like Jay Chou from that angle. i guess this is going to be another typical romance movie. as much as i like both of them, i have to admit that their latest movies (that i’ve watched) are just so so. anyways, i’m still eager to watch this new movie of them together since it will be LDW’s last before the army comes calling.

  2. Yay, finally Eugene’s coming out with her latest project. I enjoyed most of her work, except I Really Really Like You because I couldn’t stand the love interest. I also liked LDW. He was great in My Girl.

  3. can someone explain to me by what this means?

    “typical love story but this is his “last” before temporarily saying bye-bye so must watch!”

    is going toquit acting or something? please tell me! thanks<3

  4. mina,

    he is going to the army next year and had confirmed so. Although he has yet to give an official date but it’s everyone knowledge that this movie will be his last movie before the military service. Military duty is for 2+ years so we will not be seeing him for 2+ years!

  5. I like Lee Dong Wook a lot especially in “My Girl” with Lee Da Hae. I think he looked his best in “My Girl”. I’m kind a sad that he’ll be away for 2 years (I think that’s the length of service in their military). I’m hoping when he comes back from the military, the movie industry makes a new drama or movie of him & Lee Da Hae. They look great together. Their chemistry in “My Girl” was superb. Are they real couple in real life? God bless you Lee Dong Wook. Take care & see you soon in the screen or TV.

  6. I agree with Nora from USA..Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae have definitely good chemistry.I’ve seen the behind the scenes footage of My Girl and they have definitely something going on between them but they just don’t want to say it!…LOL!..I hope that when Wookie comes back from his military training (or service) both the tv & movie industry would offer her another series/movie with Da Hae.I believe that if this would come true,Da Hae would be so happy. Because she really wants to work with Dong Wook again.Try to see the video at youtube.com….So,that’s it!…Bye!..Gud Luck and Take Care Wookie!!!!

  7. I agree with Rica & Nora – there’s a great chemistry of LDW & Lee Da Hae in My Girl & hope they make another drama together when he gets back from the military! LDW will surely be missed & our prayers are with you while you’re away for two years! I think I like his hair better in My Girl or Loving You for that matter! I can’t wait to see his latest project with Eugene! God bless LDW!

  8. I agree! He looks his best in “My Girl” because he is comfortable and at ease with his co-star. LDW and LHD looks so great together.

    My Girl is my favorite korean drama.

  9. Love Lee Dong Wook so much… I pray that God will bless him and that when he comes back, he’ll have another drama with Lee Da Hae… They look good together…

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