Kuala Lumpur International Film Fest 2007

Eh,  O_O, I actually found out about this event from CRIEnglish – a China site! and I’m living right here in Malaysia!!! Gosh! How depressing this is :/

I went to the KLIFF site and lots of films but none seem to be interesting – uhm, I’m only looking at the Korean/Japanese list of movies 😛 Anyway, it will kind of hard for me to go there and watch (even if I want to) because if I’m not mistaken, the cinema of choice is the Cineleisure Damansara (?!) – very far for me…I think I will definitely give this event a skip 🙂

Oh, this will be the first KLIFF, forgotten to mention that….

Kuala Lumpur International Film Fest website -28th Nov – 2nd Dec 2007


One thought on “Kuala Lumpur International Film Fest 2007

  1. thanks for the info. just went to the website but found nothing of interest there. what a pitiful number of Korean and Japanese movies, of which i haven’t heard of except for The Longest Night in Shanghai (which i already have). there are so many good Korean and Japanese movies and that is all that the Fest can come up with??

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