V.O.S to hold Xmas concert

Next month will be a very busy month in S.Korea as it is Christmas month and there will be lots and lots of concert! How I wish I am in S.Korea next month :/

BTW, this is a very good picture of V.O.S 🙂

V.O.S Plans Encore X-mas Concert

The three member male vocal band V.O.S will hold encore Christmas concerts in Daejon and Suwon in late December. This latest plan follows the explosive reservation rate for their Dec. 7-9 regular concert at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul.

The Christimas encore concert will be held at the Daejon Woosong Arts Center on Dec. 24 and Kyonggi University in Suwon the next day for a total of four concerts.

The title song of their special single album released after two years, ‘Every Day Every Day,’ has ranked number one in the fourth year after their debut. Their follow-up song ‘Boodi (Hopefully)’ is also popular. The group said the encore concert is intended to repay their fans’ great support.

Their management agency Star Empire said, “V.O.S members are working hard in continuous meetings to think of new ideas and special events to deliver an unforgettable Christmas experience to all families, friends and lovers who come to the concert.”

Source: KBS Global


5 thoughts on “V.O.S to hold Xmas concert

  1. i used to think that that guy in the middle (couldn’t remember his name) sounds a bit like Shin Hye Sung when they first came out.

  2. inoyume, I also dont know his name (the guy in the middle)…currently the only voice i do recognise is the guy in front – hyun joon, right ? O_O

    I need to watch & listen to their live perf more 😛

  3. he he … i’ve bought both of their albums but still i can’t remember any of their names. it’s quite difficult to remember all these Korean names cos mostly they are long and sometimes sound similar.

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